When Joseph and I started our company, we were not only envisioning how long our products were going to last in quality, but also we wanted to minimize our global footprint.
We always wanted to think seven generations ahead... My first thought was how were we going to create systems to positively affect the future? How can we make our company sustainable? 
With sustainability having such a major impact in the industry today, we recognized that sustainability comes down to two big ideas.
The first idea was to stay local. As a New York resident, I saw the decades of experience the jewelry craftsmen had here. Outsourcing overseas might be easier and cheaper but our ideology had always been to never compromise on quality.  At the same time, we want to support our local businesses and help the local community thrive. 
When we created our chains and rings with local Manhattan artisans we were able to communicate our designs in person rather than through a computer, which positively affected the final output of our designs.
The second idea was to make sure no items went to waste. All are items are made to order, meaning there is no hoarding of stock, no materials go to waste, and no hours are wasted making extra product.
As fashion being the second leading industry in pollution, we wanted to ride against the grain and be leaders in pushing back against mass production. We work with limited production of goods and minimal stock.
And this is just the beginning of Joseph Daniels at the forefront of sustainability.
- Daniel